MGK Classes

Why Learn Numerology?

For the very first time in India, MGK Numerology Research Foundation has decided to spread the knowledge of numerology among the aspirants. Shri Mudigonda Gopi Krishna, the founder chairman of the organisation, believes, knowledge is useless unless used and shared. All of us are curious about our future; we want to know what the future has in store for us? We try out numerology, astrology or palmistry but how many of us truly believe in them? This is because we still don’t see Numerology, Astrology or Palmistry from the scientific view point. Our disbelief comes from our ignorance about the subject matter. MGK Numerology classes aims to end ignorance and have more practical aspect towards Numerology or similar occult sciences.

How can MGK Numerology Course help you?

  • It will help you see, understand and judge Numerology in a better way
  • This course also includes personality development lectures as well which is definitely an added benefit.
  • You are offered certifications after completion of the course which will help you to take Numerology as your professional if you wish
  • It will also make your self-sufficient. You can foresee what is actually coming your way through numerological calculations and plan accordingly.

Numerology Training Classes

What are the important things that MGK Numerology Course teaches?

  • Introduction to Numerology and its application
  • Relation between Numerology, Astrology and Palmistry
  • The basic fundamentals of Numerology
  • Practical application with the help of examples
  • Tips of lucky names
  • Motivational speeches that helps in personality development

Numerology Classes for Corporate

The MGK Research Foundation conducts numerology seminars cum training programs for big corporate, Banks, Insurance firms and Real Estate companies. These seminars are organised with the motif of personality development among employees. It also motivates them to reach higher professional goals.
All the seminars and training sessions are conducted by the world renowned numerologist MGK himself. So, hurry up call us to schedule your appointment today.

The Course Timing & Duration

The numerology classes are conducted every month in Hyderabad by the MGK Research Foundation. You will have the opportunity to learn numerology from the world renowned and Limca World Record holder numerologists Shri Mudigonda Gopi Krishna. 

The Numerology Classes are even conducted outside Hyderabad, anywhere in A.P , Chennai and Bangalore. However, these classes are conducted upon invitation for a group of minimum 20 people

Time Schedule

It is a bi-weekly course that is basically schedule on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. 

Course Topics

  The entire course is divided into Basic and Fundamental. 

Basic Course

  • Fundamental of Numerology
  • Name Corrections
  • Personality Development 

Advanced Course                  

  • Predictive Numerology
  • Future
  • Career
  • Marriage and Health
  • Finance
  • Final Predictions 


Here's what our students have to say

The seats are limited. Don’t miss the opportunity of learning Numerology from the top numerologist in India Shri Mudigonda Gopi Krishna.The next batch starts soon. Call us now to know more on the MGK Numerology Classes or to get enrolled.

Classes to commence soon; limited seats. Call us for registration today.