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Know The Value of Money in Life | Importance of Money by Sadguru MGK

Why are so many people in the world running after money? The main aim of our life is to be happy and for that we need some money. Let’s learn about the value & importance of Money with the inspiring words of Sadguru MGK

Why Some People Do Not Give Charity as Others | Help the Needy

People who are in need don’t have basic essentials such as money, food, water, education, and shelter. Many people have much more than they require to survive, while others are barely surviving. Know what is the fact behind this by the beautiful words of Sadguru MGK.

Is it Possible to Gain Respect with Money? | Know the Power of Money by Sadguru MGK

Yes, if you believe it or not, people are respecting a person these days because of money. But Is it really the fact that money can buy respect. Know the value of money by Sadhguru MGK words.

Don’t Treat Number 8 as Unlucky | There are Many Miracles Happened with Number 8 | 8 is Lucky or Not

Yes, there are many people who are succeeding with number 8. Here are the best and live examples that will make you realize that the number 8 is not a lucky number or negative.

Don’t You Have Enough Money Left Over? How to Enjoy Your Expenditure | Best MGK Numerology

How to save money from your expenditure? Take steps to save money every day. In this video, Mr. MGK suggestions can help you find all of the potential savings in your monthly budget

How to Get The Grace of Goddess Lakshmi? Easy Remedies to Clear Loans | Get Back Money from Borrower

This video explains how to get back your money from others and also how to repay your debts. Know how to get the grace of Goddess Lakshmi Devi by the best Numerologist Mr. Mudigonda Gopi Krishna