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Ugadi Special Program | Best MGK Numerology For Number 1 to 9

Happy Ugadi!

On this special occasion, The horoscope 2021 by Mr. MGK is going to give you all answers. Best MGK Numerology for numbers 1 to 9.

Boring Routine | Get Bored With Your Routine Life? Try These Tips to Be Different

It’s difficult not to become bored and frustrated by a life that repeats itself day after day. If you get tired of doing the same thing every day, try out these tips for a different life. Best tips by MGK Numerology

Friday Is the Best Day to Express Your Love | Love Day | Know Why 

Why is Friday the best day to propose? Why is Friday a Love Day? Is it really a good day to express your feelings? Know what are the things we have to do on the days of a week. Great analysis on MGK Numerology

Do You Know Your Lucky Number | Find Your Lucky Number in Numerology

Do you want to know what is your lucky number? You can know it by following these simple steps. You just need these two things to calculate what is the lucky number to you. Watch this video – Mudigonda Gopi Krishna

In Ramayana, Everyone Knows Sita Being Carried to Lanka by Ravana but It Not True | by MGK

What really happened to Sita in Ramayana? Did Ravana Kidnapped Sita? Why was Sita banished? We all know that in Ramayana, Ravana kidnapped Sita, and brought her to Sri Lanka. But believe me, What you know is not true. Here is the perfect explanation by MGK

World’s No. 1 Numerologist in India | Mr. Mudigonda Gopi Krishna | Serving People for More Than 2 Decades

MGK is a World-renowned numerologist of India. Dedicating complete services to the people, his clients belong to various countries like the US, UK, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, DUBAI, GERMANY and other parts of the world. GENIUS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS & WONDER BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS from London. Recently he has started his own YouTube channel with original subject-oriented content. Know about the great numerologist Mr. MGK