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Be a Responsible Person in the Family or Society | Sadguru MGK

What is Responsibility and How to be a responsible person in society? Help the needy as a responsible person you’ll automatically get what you want in your life and become successful

Why No One is Helping You | Why Nobody Comes When You Need Help

According to your birth date, know what mentality you have. Here is the reason why people are not coming forward to help you when you need it. Amazingly explained by Sadhguru MGK with real examples.

Are Past Life Sins Really Affecting Our Present Life? If Yes, What Is the Solution to Overcome

Our present life horoscope is based on what we did in our past life. If you are facing some difficulties for a long time in your life, it’s because of your past life’s sin. But there are many magical solutions by Parvathi Devi which help to overcome the bad horoscope.

Are You a Kind-hearted Person? How Does a Kind Heart Person Behave | Best MGK

The world needs kindness. Acts of kindness make the world a happier place. One thing that we have seen is that kindness is prevailing in covid times all over the world. How kindful you are to others? How does a kind-hearted person behave? Watch this video

Are You The Boss For a Company? Are All Your Employees Your Family Members? Watch The Video

Are you a good boss in your company? In this video, Mr. MGK explained how a boss should be like and how a boss can succeed in their business.

How Should a Mother in Law & Daughter in Law Behave Each Other | What to Do if War Comes

Why can’t a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law be like mother and daughter? How to build a good relationship with your mother-in-law/daughter-in-law. How to handle the situations if war begins. Watch this video