How do gems affect our lives?


How do gems affect our lives?

Planets are known to emit cosmic vibrations that affect different persons in different ways. These planetary movements affect every sphere of our lives, our health, education, career, finance, marriage, family and even our peace of mind. Hence, occult science experts have been advising lucky gem stones to reduce the negative impact of these cosmic vibrations on our life. Shri Mudigonda Gopi Krishna, the renowned numerologists, who claims a well deserved place on the Limca Book of Records, is known for suggesting the best lucky gem stones in Hyderabad.

The lucky gems are believed to have the power to enhance the benefits of positive cosmic vibrations and also prevent the negativity emerging out of various planetary movements.

How do these gems work?

These gems act like a prism or a lens that has the power to filter the optimum amount of cosmic waves into our body. They only allow those cosmic waves that will be beneficial for us. It is quite amazing to know that each of these stones have the power to absorb all the negative cosmic waves emerging around us. Each stone focuses on some specific cosmic forces. Hence, different stones affect our lives in different ways.

Do gems have magical powers?

No, they don’t have magical powers. These gems are not meant to change your future but they can reduce the adverse effects of cosmic waves on our lives. They can also help to strengthen positive effects of planets upon you. However, these can be only possible if you wear original and natural gems. Synthetic or artificial stones are useless for occult usage.

How to know which gem is perfect for me?

You cannot know it yourself until you are qualified in occult studies. If you really feel things are not right around you. You need to see an expert in occult science. He is the best person to suggest you with the perfect stone.

Who can help me out with this?

Finding a true occult expert isn’t just easy. You may end up meeting a quack if you do not make the right decision. Hence, you need to do a bit of research until you find a good numerologist. Check for his expertise and reputation before visiting him personally.