How is film related to numerology?

Sometimes we often come across to films with great story; hi-fi start cast fails to attract audience. The luck factor has lots to do with films. Hence, most film makers, producers, directors and film stars rely greatly on occult sciences like numerology to have luck smiling on them.

MGK Film Predictions

Shri Mudigonda Gopi Krishna has been predicting the fate of films for over two decades now. Be it Tollywood or Bollywood, he has accurately predicted the result for more than hundred films now. Needless to mention Sri Gopi Krishna’s long list of clientele includes the top film personalities from both industries.

What makes MGK Film Predictions stand out from the rest?

There are numerous astrologers and numerologists across Hyderabad, who offers the service of predicting the result for a film. But MGK’s film production simply stands out of the rest. This is mainly due to the scientific approach that he has.

The MGK film predictions include

  • Lucky days for the film launch and release
  • Star casts
  • Lucky film titles
  • Lucky colours for the film and the entire crew

Benefits of MGK Film Predictions

  • A complete calculation that can figure out problems associated with the production of the film and their accurate solutions
  • Helps you to have an ever climbing success graph
  • Discrete consultation by prior appointment to maintain the needed privacy