Is Numerology a Science?

Yes, it is one of the occult sciences that is based on numbers associated with us like our date of birth etc.

What is the difference between Astrology and Numerology?

Astrology is the study of celestial bodies and their effect on our lives. On the other hand, numerology is the study of the numbers and dates associated with our lives and how they influence us.

Are 12, 13, 16 and 18 ominous numbers?

Not, at all. These are myths that are often used by quacks to frightened weak-hearted people.

If our names end with i, o, u, does it brings us bad luck?

This is a myth as well. There are thousands of people whose name ends with i, o or u and they are leading a good and happy life.

As per Numerology only those letters that add up to form numbers like 13 or 16 are important in a name?

No, every letter in a name has a value that should be calculated to predict lucky names.

What should my signature pattern be? Should I write my name straight or should I slant it to 45 degree angle?

There is nothing called signature pattern. You can sign the way you like

After I change my name, do I need to write it 40-50 times in capital letters every day?

No, there is no such rule in Numerology.

By changing our names can we change our destiny? Can change of name make one millionaire or cure a critically ill person?

Numerology has no such power. It can help you by adding positivity and luck to your life but it cannot change your fate.

Is Numerology entirely based on my date of birth?

Yes, it is based on your date of birth and your name that has been given to you at birth.

Can Numerology predict about my future like Astrology?

Yes, it can. Numerology also helps you to prepare for a better tomorrow.

Can I know about my destiny (I mean my right career & business)?

Yes, you can know about your best career option, your chances in the field of business etc through Numerology.

Can Numerology predict children’s education?

Yes, it can. It can also guide your child to choose the right stream after he/she has completed his school level. Most children are often confused about choosing the right stream after the 10th. He/she ends up following what others are doing or what their parents suggests them. Numerology will help them come to a decision and know which stream has the highest probabilities for him/her.

Can Numerology help in predicting marriages and marital Life?

Yes, Numerology can help you decision on the right partner, know about the perfect marriage date and also predict about your marital life. It can also offer solutions for your marital problems.

Can Numerology predict overseas Trips?

Yes, it can predict the chances for your foreign trips and settling abroad.

Does Numerology require exact time of birth and place of birth and also date of birth?

For correct predictions, you must have your correct date of birth and your name.

Whether Numerology can predict about politics & political career?

Yes, it can predict about your chances in Politics as your careers and even the election results of top Politicians.