Numerology and its importance in our life


Numerology and its importance in our life

Whether we admit it or not, nobody wants to let go the chance to know what the stars foretell. We want to know about our future, so that we are aware about the good and evil that is in store for us. Numerology has done the trick; it has opened the door for commoners like me and you to have an idea about our future.

Superstition- No it is science

Numerology is a form of occult science that has lived through ages. It is very much associated with numbers. Believe it or not, it has an engrossing capacity that draws everybody towards it. Numerology brings out the impact of the numbers that we are associated with. It is believed that these numbers cast a massive affect on our personality trait. These traits on their turn affect our future. With the help of numerology we are able to decide our right aim of life, bring out our hidden talents and get associated with right people in our life.

Can numerology change our lives?

Numerology cannot change our lives completely. A beggar cannot be a king in a day just by changing his name. But yes, it glides our lives to the right path. It helps us to choose the right stream of education, be in the right profession, get success, have the most compatible soul mate and live a happy life. It also has powerful impact of our level of confidence. Even big Corporate are interested in conducting seminars to motivate their employees.

MGK Vedic Numerology

MGK Vedic Numerology is a great association of the aesthetics of ancient numerology and outcome of well-researched numerology concepts of the recent times. This has made the subject yet more factual than ever before. Now, you can seek the help of this science after knowing all the aspects of it. The MGK Research Foundation has also taken the initiative to educate interested candidates in numerology. Some of the students who have successfully completed the numerology course from this institute are practicing as well established numerology consultants.

The scope of numerology is really vast. It is a never ending topic of debate. However, none can be forced into believing it. But numerology has been and will be helping numerous restless souls find peace.

Gift your baby a piece of luck with a lucky name


Gift your baby a piece of luck with a lucky name

‘‘What’s in a name?’ Do you believe in this phrase? If you do, then you must also know that everything lies in one’s name. The key to success, good health and happiness is directly linked with a person’s name. It has been proved that our name impacts our personality trait, which in the long run has a lot to do with our success and well-being. Hence it is very important to name our baby right.

Choosing the right name for a baby is the toughest but the most interesting job for every parent. Ever since the arrival of a new guest is felt, the entire family starts speculating about its name. Long list of names for both genders are made. Some prefer their babies to have fancy and fashionable names, some want to name their little bundle of joy after their ancestors or famous celebrities and so on. How many of us really do care what effect will the name cast upon the life of our baby? Probably a very handful of people really do. We all want our children to be smart, intelligent, studious, obedient and successful But we really do not understand, it’s all in our hands. If we want out child to have positive personality traits, we must decide a name that impacts its personality with positivity.

But how to know, which is the most suitable name for your baby? You will find your answer with MGK luck baby names. Shri Mudigonda Gopikrishna, the Limca World Record holder, can offer the perfect lucky baby name to your newborn. The MGK lucky baby names are based on the authentic principals of numerology associated with the research skills of Shri MGK. These names ensures that your child has a shining and fortuned future life.

So before you plan to name your little darling, make sure you choose the right name. After all it is about your child and you cannot take any chances.

How do gems affect our lives?


How do gems affect our lives?

Planets are known to emit cosmic vibrations that affect different persons in different ways. These planetary movements affect every sphere of our lives, our health, education, career, finance, marriage, family and even our peace of mind. Hence, occult science experts have been advising lucky gem stones to reduce the negative impact of these cosmic vibrations on our life. Shri Mudigonda Gopi Krishna, the renowned numerologists, who claims a well deserved place on the Limca Book of Records, is known for suggesting the best lucky gem stones in Hyderabad.

The lucky gems are believed to have the power to enhance the benefits of positive cosmic vibrations and also prevent the negativity emerging out of various planetary movements.

How do these gems work?

These gems act like a prism or a lens that has the power to filter the optimum amount of cosmic waves into our body. They only allow those cosmic waves that will be beneficial for us. It is quite amazing to know that each of these stones have the power to absorb all the negative cosmic waves emerging around us. Each stone focuses on some specific cosmic forces. Hence, different stones affect our lives in different ways.

Do gems have magical powers?

No, they don’t have magical powers. These gems are not meant to change your future but they can reduce the adverse effects of cosmic waves on our lives. They can also help to strengthen positive effects of planets upon you. However, these can be only possible if you wear original and natural gems. Synthetic or artificial stones are useless for occult usage.

How to know which gem is perfect for me?

You cannot know it yourself until you are qualified in occult studies. If you really feel things are not right around you. You need to see an expert in occult science. He is the best person to suggest you with the perfect stone.

Who can help me out with this?

Finding a true occult expert isn’t just easy. You may end up meeting a quack if you do not make the right decision. Hence, you need to do a bit of research until you find a good numerologist. Check for his expertise and reputation before visiting him personally.