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Numerology is a branch of science that can predict future. It is based on the movement of the planets and its effect on us. Numerology evolved from the mathematical theories of the Greek Philosopher Pythagoras. Here’s what MGK has to say about Numerology.


Numerology two days certificate course commence on April 28 & 29 in Hyderabad.Timings 10:00 AM to 6 PM
Contact: 91 9440474613

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Free Lucky Stones Predictions

 Numerology Lucky Stones

Not all stones are gems. Not all gems are lucky for you. Know which stone can shine your future. 100% lab tested to verify the clarity and originality of the gems. These are positively energized depending on your requirement to ensure complete satisfaction. MGK Lucky Stones have been benefitting people for over two decades now.

Lucky Baby Names

Baby names Numerology

The name is the identity of a person that he retains all through his life. It has been proved that our names influence our personality traits. So, it is very important to name a baby right. Gift your baby a happy, healthy and successful life with MGK Lucky Baby names. Ask MGK and know which name fetches luck for your baby. The name is the very first gift from you to your baby, let it be the best.

Cosmic Vaastu

Numerology Cosmic Vasstu Images

Our home is our most valuable asset. We spend all our investment to lay the foundation of a house. MGK Cosmic Vaastu will help you turn your home into an abode of fortune and positivity. No renovation, remodelling or demolition required. Easy and effective way to make your home and even your office completely Vaastu compliant. Service opened for NRIs as well.

Numerology Classes by MGK Numerology Research Foundation

Numerology Training Classes

MGK Numerology Research Foundation has been conducting bi-weekly classes for learning Numerology. It is one of its kinds in India, where aspirants not only learn the fundamentals of the subjects but also come across to its practical application. A special personality development session is also organised along with the course.

The Foundation also conducts personality development sessions and seminars on invitation from corporates and banks with the aim to boost the level of self-confidence in the employees.

To know more about the Date &Time Schedule and the Course Fee Structure, contact us today.